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Curated Yoga Experiences, Workshops, Retreats and Events

Facilitating Inclusive and Accessible Mobile Yoga and Wellness Events, Workshops and Retreats in Mandurah, Perth and Regional WA.

Hi I'm Claire!

I am a trauma sensitive Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy Student and am registered with Yoga Australia.

My certifications and studies include Pranayama Yogic Breathwork), Meditation, various styles of Yoga including Chair Yoga, Yoga for Women's Wellness and Mental Health, Trauma Coaching, Mind Body Wellness, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Tantra, Womb Healing, Somatics and Feminine Embodiment. 

Why I do what I do...

From childhood to adolescence, my nervous system grappled with disarray due to multiple traumatic experiences. Dissociation and detachment became familiar, and my emotions were overshadowed by anger and disconnect.

It led to an unhealthy relationship with my body. 

I abused my body - either trying not to feel, or to feel better…between working out and working flat out, drinking, partying, substance abuse, toxic and abusive relationships, people pleasing…anything to escape from what I was really feeling.

I found myself again through yoga by connecting to my body and come home to myself. I share the tools and techniques that helped me heal layers of trauma. 


I'm no guru, I'm walking this path with you.

Your fire is already lit, I'm just fanning your flames.

Claire Randall


Ready for a practical or attainable approach to yoga, wellness, breath and movement?

Looking for a workshop or retreat provider who honours tradition without overcomplicating things or

watering the practice down?

My yoga and wellness experiences are based on ancient practices and backed by modern science.

I’m a spiritual rebel who’s passionate about making Yoga more accessible and applicable to

everyday life. Instead of waiting until you feel ready (whether that’s having the perfect Yoga body

or being flexible enough) – let’s allow Yoga to meet you where you’re at.

"I’m a spiritual rebel who’s passionate about making Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness more accessible and applicable to everyday life!"




You won’t find me cueing the perfect pose and alignment because guess what?

Not everyone’s bodies are built the same!

I’ll always encourage you to explore how the pose feels rather than how it looks, which is also part

of trauma-aware and accessible teaching.

Trauma Aware

Everything I guide is always optional and I use invitational and gentle language.

I hold a judgement-free space where all abilities, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. My goal is

to create a safe space so that you can feel safe within your body. There’s no such thing as a “safe

space” if you are not safe in your own body. I know what this feels like from lived experience.


It is through descending into the body that our limitations, wounds and shadows can be lovingly alchemised, transmuted and healed. It is through coming into our body that our pleasure, power and life force is awakened

"Oh wow! Thank you so much for facilitating the circle and holding such a safe space. I was a little anxious about coming, but I'm so glad I did. I'll be back!"

Anon - Womb Healing Womens Circle 

"Ooh the Feminine Embodiment workshop was just what I needed! I'm feeling much more energised and have this juicy AF creative energy running through me! I definitely feel a lot lighter too like I've shifted and released some things! "

Laura - Feminine Embodiment & Sensual Slow Flow  Workshop

"Claire, thank you for your beautiful offerings! Last nights Full Moon Ritual was just magic! I have been feeling so disconnected and stuck lately. The release ceremony was potent! I'm still feeling the huge shifts!"

Lindsey- Yin Yoga and Full Moon Ritual 

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