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Surrender Into Soma 
Retreat Immersion

SOMA = Greek word for "the living body in its wholeness"

Connect with your Soma and explore Embodied Wholeness through Yoga, Meditation, Ritual and Sacred Feminine Practices.

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Surrender into Soma is a descent into the depths of your being.

An awakening, realisation and acceptance of everything that you truly are.

Not the layers of patriarchal conditioning, the good girl, your family's or society's version of you.

It is a stripping back of everything that isn't you. A revelation of your truest, authentic self.

Somatics describes bodywork and movement practices that emphasise internal physical perception and experience...

ie; how it FEELS rather than how you THINK it feels or looks.

The term is used in healing therapies to signify a focus on the soma, or "the body and the mind as perceived from within."

The primary focus of somatic work is to harness an unshakeable, unfaltering sense of safety within ourselves. With safety, we develop acceptance of ourselves. We foster an inner and outer sense of belonging. We learn what it means to be confident and brave in our expression.

Surrender Into Soma is your permission slip for self-discovery through safety and sisterhood.


Find Safety and Healing With Somatic Embodiment  

This is for the spiritual rebels, the wild ones, and the woman who is searching for more...

This experience is for YOU if you are ready to tap into your deepest self expression and embody your true authentic self…

Through using embodiment tools such as breath, sound, sensation, sensuality and movement, we can start to drop out of head and into our body. 


Step into the temple of your Soma, and explore the 

Divine Feminine…

5 days in a tranquil oasis, nestled amidst the beauty of nature, on a sprawling 12 acres of enchanting Forrest, ready for you to explore.

Here, you will find connection and sisterhood with like minded women who see you, feel you and are you.

With mindful movement under the trees, soul stirring conversations around a crackling fire, or moments of quiet reflection by the babbling brook, this retreat offers deep healing and empowerment.

Time to surrender and fully receive! No kids, distractions, or daily chores. 

You deserve this. 


Fill your cup

We can spend much of our time serving others.
We give to our family, community, work, and responsibilities.
We can end up feeling tired, frustrated, and lost.
And we cannot give from an empty cup.

If you are sick and tired of being a "spectator" of life, of sitting on the sidelines, of staying small, and quiet, and appeasing...then this, beautiful woman, is for you!

Hi I'm Claire!

I am a registered, trauma sensitive Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist in training. 

My certifications and education include pranayama,  meditation, various styles of yoga including for yoga for women's health and mental health, mind body wellness, tantra, womb healing and embodiment. 

Why I do what I do...

From childhood to adolescence, my nervous system grappled with disarray due to multiple traumatic experiences. Dissociation and detachment became familiar, and my emotions were overshadowed by anger and disconnect.

It led to an unhealthy relationship with my body. 

I abused my body - either trying not to feel, or to feel better…between working out and working flat out, drinking, partying, substance abuse, toxic and abusive relationships, people pleasing…anything to escape from what I was really feeling.

I found myself again through yoga by connecting to my body and come home to myself. I share the tools and techniques that helped me heal layers of trauma. 


I'm no guru, I'm walking this path with you.

Your fire is already lit, I'm just fanning your flames.

Claire Randall

What you will take away


Reclaim the fullness of your feminine self and embrace your dark feminine to awaken deeper levels of confidence, worth, self-love, expression, self-trust and magnetism and stand fully in your divine power.  You will walk alongside your sisters and be held as you move through a process of embodied transformation.


Journey into your body to reconnect with your heart, womb & yoni, awaken more lifeforce, pleasure, radiance, and sensuality, alchemise your emotions and connect with your cycle & intuitive wisdom.


It is through descending into the body that our limitations, wounds and shadows can be lovingly alchemised, transmuted and healed. It is through coming into our body that our pleasure, power and life force is awakened

Connect with your womb space through embodied movement, sister circles, meditation and womb healing

Connect and align with the cycles of the moon and the lunar energy. 

Release all that no longer serves with a Full Moon ceremony under the stars.

Connect your body, mind and soul through daily yoga and explore yogic techniques for wellbeing.

Full Moon

 Does any of this sound like you?

Beautiful woman, do you desire to...

  • Be a fully expressed woman who claims her wants and needs, speaks her truth, honours herself and owns ALL of who she is

  •  Feel alive, embodied, sensual, confident, radiant, lit up and magnetic in your energy as you move through the world

  •  Live guided by your feminine intuition, heart energy and body wisdom rather than being stuck by your mind

  •  Alchemise, heal and liberate patterns and emotions that are keeping you small and stuck so you can rise into your full divine feminine power and potential

  •  Feel safe, at home, and grounded in your body so you can allow yourself to soften, slow down, rest and truly receive

  •  Step into your worth, set boundaries, raise your standards, claim your wants and needs and feel deeply honoured, held and met in your life and relationships

Daily rituals, movement, embodiment and connection

Indulge in a heart opening cacao ritual. Explore your bodies potential with guided somatic based practices and embodied movement. 

Transform, release and shift areas of your life that are not in full alignment and balance, open the flow to receiving more abundance, love & connection in your life and feel held and seen in a safe, trauma sensitive container


"Oh wow! Thank you so much for facilitating the circle and holding such a safe space. I was a little anxious about coming, but I'm so glad I did. I'll be back!"

- Womb Healing Womens Circle 

"Ooh the Feminine Embodiment workshop was just what I needed! I'm feeling much more energised and have this juicy AF creative energy running through me! I definitely feel a lot lighter too like I've shifted and released some things! "

- Feminine Embodiment & Sensual Slow Flow  Workshop

"Claire, thank you for your beautiful offerings! Last nights Full Moon Ritual was just magic! I have been feeling so disconnected and stuck lately. The release ceremony was potent! I'm still feeling the huge shifts!"

- Yin Yoga and Full Moon Ritual 


So many of us as women are walking through our lives feeling depleted, burned out and disconnected from our bodies, our healthy feminine energy and our full power.​


We are living from old, outdated conditioning about what it means to be a woman. We have been taught models of the wounded feminine which tell us we need to be nice and sweet, over-give, people-please, be the good girl, be selfless and do what is expected of us. We have been taught models of the hyper-masculine which tell us to deny our emotions, work hard, hustle, aim for perfection, base our worth on our achievements and live stuck in our minds. And we have become disconnected from the divine feminine qualities of nourishment, embodiment, flow, intuition, unconditional love, receptivity, creativity, sensuality, magnetism and truth which allow us to live as deeply empowered and embodied feminine women. As a result, so many women are left feeling burned out, exhausted, under-nourished, depleted and disconnected from what fulfils and nourishes our hearts and bodies. We wonder why we are doing everything we 'should' be doing yet something is still missing. What is missing is our connection to the feminine.


If this is a full body YES!

The Surrender Into Soma Retreat is a transformative space designed to nurture and empower you on your journey of self-discovery and remembrance. 


Set on 12 acres in Crooked Brook, deep in the Ferguson Valley, this retreat offers a safe and supportive environment for healing and awakening where you can explore your feminine essence, deepen your yoga practice, and connect with like-minded women.


Throughout the retreat, you will experience gentle and flowing yoga practices that focus on restoring balance to your body, mind, and spirit. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a womb healing session, where you will learn how to connect with your womb and release any emotional or physical blockages and trauma. To celebrate the powerful energy of the full moon, we will culminate the retreat with a magical full moon ceremony, where we will set intentions, release anything that no longer serves us, and connect with the natural cycles of the moon. 


The property has stunning gardens as well as a tropical forrest oasis pool. You will be invited to experince a refreshing dip every morning or otherwise enjoy at your leisure. 


You will be invited to participate in workshops and talks focused on exploring your feminine archetype, self-love, shadow work, sensual pleasure, spiritual practices and other topics related to the divine and dark feminine energies.

The Divine Feminine is a concept that refers to the feminine aspect of the divine, often associated with nurturing, creation, intuition, and compassion. The Divine Feminine represents a balance of yin and yang energies, and is seen as a powerful force for healing and transformation In modern times, the Divine Feminine has become increasingly popular as a symbol of empowerment, healing, and transformation.


The Dark Feminine is a symbol of the raw, primal and mysterious power that resides within women. She embodies the dark aspects of the feminine psyche, including sexuality, intuition, and creativity. She is often associated with the shadow self and represents the parts of ourselves that we may be afraid to confront or acknowledge. She is a powerful force that calls us to delve deeper into ourselves and explore the depths of our being.


Embrace a profound connection with your feminine essence through a range of holistic practices. You even have the option to join us for an extraordinary opportunity to learn the ancient art of Ayurvedic Breast Massage, a transformative practice that nurtures and honours the sacredness of your being and your energetic heart centre. Cultivate self love and body acceptance through techniques such as mirror work and sensual movement. 

This retreat is open to women of all levels of yoga and spiritual experience, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner. You can be assured your hosts are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive space where every woman can feel safe and supported regardless of her size, shape, background, sexuality or experience. Women at all stages of their healing and self discovery journey are welcome!


12 Acres of Lushness deep within the Ferguson Valley

Are you ready to go all in?


Payment Options:

Afterpay, Cash and Payment Plans available


Deposit $500

Shared Room From $1899

Private Room From  $2300

See ticket details for more info

All prices listed are per person. Pricing includes everything for this 5 day retreat - your accommodation, all chef prepared meals, yoga, activities and all workshops.

PLUS! A bonus luxury gift to compliment your healing journey! 

To arrange a payment plan or for more info please email me here:

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